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  1. 1 John Monteiro
    Abril 9, 2009 às 12:13 am

    Thank you for the story of Aquino, it was most enlightening. Forgive me for contacting you in this manner, but I am also trying to trace the whereabouts of my father’s demise, I am told it was in South Africa, then in Mozambique but all I know is that he died in Jan 1993.

    He was Casimiro Emerito Teles Jordao Monteiro, a member of PIDE during the 1950’s and continued his work in the PIDE and in other ways in 1960’s. Eventually leaving Goa to move to Mozambique & possibly South Africa.

    I have only known of his exploits on Goanet when I found out he was THE Monteiro, the Agente Monteiro of PIDE and have some emails & photos sent to me, which I can confirm are my father.

    I have not seen him since 1958 in Portugal except for a brief meeting in Goa not longer after that meeting, my mother had no more contatc with him or anything to do with my father since coming back to the UK in Dec 1961 & she married in 1961. I have a brother Fernando (David), my name was also Anglosized to John (Joao) as were my names. My mother passed away in Aug 1999, never to set her eyes upon him again, though deep in her heart, she was still deeply in love with the man who fathered her 2 children.

    My childhood until I was 11 was spend in Goa, leaving upon Liberation / Independence and flown to Karachi, Pakistan for some time on route to UK.

    I would dearly love some more personal information of my father, I know that he was the cause of the death of General Delgado & his secretary & other atrocities he committed for Salazar, and was even celebrated in Portugal for this. But his profession was as an assassin, letter bombs being one of the methods he used against the pro-Goans & other tortures and hits he had under his belt, he was in Spain during the 1937 war, and was in WW2 involved with the Russians.

    But I have very little knowledge of anything in chronological order of his life.

    Can anyone help me trace his time between his teen years when he escaped poverty in Portugal to time to came to London (where he met my mother in the East End of London in 1947 /48 /49 until his demise in Jan 1993?

    He was a strong, broad chested man, dark olive colour (almost “Portuguese Goan”), we suspect that his “avo” (or maternal grandmother) was a Goan Catholic which would be a delightful discovery but this is yet to be proved.

    I have other evidence of his with me & discovered via Goanet of a first cousin & a niece whom I am hoping to make a visit to Portugal next year to visit. Its a slow process, though the internet is instantaneous communication, people (especially Catholic Goans & the Portuguese) do not easily divulge their ancestors, near or afar without a fight.

    A stroke has put my out of action & although I have most of my faculties & physical ability, I tire easily, and now aged nearly 59 years, I think I have a few more years left in me to find out the history of my father, to leave this “heritage” to my 2 daughters for they are asking questions………….

    I have not enough answers,

    Yours faithfully

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